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How To Enroll

Welcome to the How to Enroll Page! Here we will go through a step by step guide on how to enroll for a conference on the new Naskho website.

Step 1) When you are on the Home Page of the site, you have a few options to find a conference. The first and easiest option is to click on the blue Conference List button on the home page in the red strip. The second option is to click on the Conferences menu up at the top of the page. The Conferences menu is in between Education and Sciences. The last option is to select it from the Upcoming Conferences side bar on the right side of the page. Be careful to not confuse it with Upcoming Clinical Conferences, and also know that this side bar will not show all upcoming conferences if there are more than 6 upcoming conferences.

Step 2) When you have decided which conference you want to enroll to, you will be brought to its overview page. On this page, you can see all the details about the conference from the location, the time, and the program. Up at the top of the overview page, you will see a blue button that says Enroll. You will want to click on this button.

If this is your first time enrolling for a conference, you will have to fill out the "Make a NASKHO account" form. (Upper right/top on the home page). After submitting this, you HAVE to "Log in", by clicking on the log in button next to the first time registration. Once you are logged in you can proceed!

Step 3) You will now be at the cart for the enrolling process. On the first page, you will see which tickets you are able to select. Depending on the type of event, the tickets would either be for each session, or there will only be one for the entire conference. All you need to do is select which tickets/sessions you would like to enroll for. Once you're done, click next. You will be brought to step 4 or 5.

Step 4) If the progress bar at the top of the page only has a green check mark over select tickets and ticket details, then you are on the right step. If you have a green check mark over select tickets, ticket details, and cart, then move to step 5. The ticket details page is something that you will not see most of the time. The ticket details page will only appear for conferences that only have 1 ticket for the whole conference and where the sessions are free, or if you need to choose a specific workshop for the specific day. This page will be a form where all you will need to do is select which sessions or workshops you would like to attend. These options will add nothing to the price. Once you're done selecting your options, click next.

Step 5) You will now be on the cart page. This page is where you can go over the tickets you have selected and the total price. Please keep in mind that if you have any specific discounts based on your chosen profession, they will not be calculated here. They will be calculated on the next page. Only early bird discounts will be calculated on this page. Once you're done looking over your cart, click Checkout.

Step 6) You will now be on the checkout screen. Your First Name, Last Name, and Email should already be filled out for you. If there are any corrections to be made, please make changes to them now. Below them, you will see a field for Accreditation. If you have a BIG or a Sehos Badge Number, please select one. If you do not have any of these, please choose Not Applicable. Below that field is where you will enter your BIG or CMC Badge Number. If you have chosen Not Applicable, please enter No into the field. Below these fields are the coupon fields. You will not need to enter anything here. If you do have any profession discount for your account, it will automatically apply a coupon for you. Please do not delete the coupon if one is applied to you, or else you will need to refresh the page to have it reapplied to you. The coupon will tell you how much is deducted from the total price. Below the coupon field is the payment method. The ONLY payment option is ONLINE PAYMENT while registering, by credit card. If you are enrolling for a conference that is free, the payment method you choose does not matter, since it will automatically approve you for the conference. 

Step 7) Congratulations, you have finally completed the enrollment process for the conference! All you need to do now is follow the steps on the screen for the online payment, so you can get approved for the conference. If you do not follow the steps on the screen, you will not be approved for the conference. Once you have completed the steps for your chosen payment method, NASKHO will manually go and approve you for the conference. You will then be done with the payment process and will only need to wait for the conference day. More information will be in the email you receive.

That is all there is to it for the enrollment and payment process tutorial for the new NASKHO site. If you have any questions, please contact us so we can help answer any questions.