We are passionate about educating the medical community.


Statutory Objectives

The foundation has registered the following objectives

  1.  Promoting opportunities for training in medicine in preparation for the doctoral exam;

  2.  Promoting the rearing of medical courses for graduates (post-graduate courses) in the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom;

  3. Promotion of and support of scientific work in the field of medicine

  4. Promoting the learning climate in hospitals in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.


As part of the first objective approximately 20 interns (PhD in medicin) come to Curacao to do their internship annually. This not only adds to the experience of the new doctors, it also creates a learning environment for local caregivers. Clinical education in health care leads to an upgrade of the knowledge and working level of all participating.

Medical Courses

NASKHO annually organizes about 11 postgraduate courses per year, with the aim of imparting knowledge and skills to local paramedics, doctors and specialists. The NASKHO postgraduate courses have now become a consistent and continuous part of the medical environment and enjoy great interest. The courses are usually accredited by the respective professional associations (in the Netherlands and on Curacao) . In addition to traditional postgraduate courses, NASKHO offers organizational, logistical or financial support to other education courses in the medical field with a focus on Curacao and the Curacao population, always if possible in cooperation with international (professional) organizations .

Scientific Research

In the context of its third objective NASKHO actively promotes scientific research in the medical field. The result of this is a broadening of knowledge of local health issues and so a direct contribution to the quality of care of patients. This applies in particular to research into diseases with a relatively high incidence in Curacao, Aruba, St. Maarten and the Caribbean Netherlands as, for example, sickle cell disease . External evaluation has proven that, supported by scientific NASKHO, interesting results have been achieved with a relevant impact on health care in the former Netherlands Antilles, and many articles have been published in leading international journals.